Pre-Litigation Dispute Resolution

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Avoiding Litigation in Construction Law Dispute Resolution

Disputes commonly occur in the construction industry. Yet, not all construction law disputes need to result in heated court battles costly to both sides. If dealt with early on, a dispute may be resolved effectively without litigation, which often allows all of the parties to benefit from the final outcome.

Thomas, Feldman & Wilshusen, L.L.P., in Dallas, Texas, represents lenders, owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties and design professionals in construction dispute matters. The firm's lawyers review the matter and advise on strategies to avoid litigation while reaching favorable results. Please contact TFW to discuss your options for dispute resolution.

The Benefits of Pre-Litigation Resolution

Nearly every dispute can be resolved through methods outside of court if dealt with effectively and handled early on in the process. TFW has experience resolving disputes such as delay claims, quality of work claims and payment claims. The firm negotiates reasonable solutions and revises written contracts, among other things.

Some of the benefits of these resolution methods include:

  • A faster, often cheaper resolution to the dispute
  • The creation of a win-win solution
  • Preserved business partnerships
  • A foundation to move forward effectively with the construction related project

What If Litigation Is Necessary?

Despite best efforts, some construction law disputes cannot be resolved through negotiation and compromises. The attorneys of TFW are skilled litigators with experience representing construction clients in jury trials and in trials before the bench. TFW can effectively handle your dispute if litigation is required.

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