Construction Contracts

Texas Construction Contract Attorneys Thomas, Feldman & Wilshusen, L.L.P.

Key players in the Texas construction industry rely on the knowledge and professional counsel and representation of Thomas, Feldman & Wilshusen, L.L.P. for drafting, reviewing and revising construction contracts.

Identifying Risks to Protect Clients’ Rights

TFW regularly assists clients in drafting construction contracts. TFW drafts custom contracts, and also regularly uses revised industry standard contract forms to more economically meet clients’ needs. TFW regularly reviews and revises construction contracts proposed to its clients, with the goal of balancing the clients' potential liability with its rights under the contract.

The firm's attorneys apply current legal knowledge and decades of experience in dealing with construction contracts. Clauses in contracts of particular concern to clients may include:

  • Delay claim clauses
  • Termination clauses
  • Contingent payment clauses
  • Dispute resolution clauses
  • Flow-through clauses
  • Payment clauses
  • Indemnity clauses

Government contracts may have sovereign immunity issues.

Hedging Against Future Contract Disputes

TFW attorneys have the knowledge and experience to recognize circumstances and contract provisions that may result in construction disputes. The attorneys can also recognize how to protect their clients' rights to claims for additional disputed or changed work, and pursue those claims against other parties as necessary.

General contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, lenders, developers, design professionals and owners interested in having TFW draft or review a construction contract are encouraged to contact Thomas, Feldman & Wilshusen, L.L.P., to schedule a consultation.